Master Defenders


Aliens! They come with different looks, sizes, and views of the human race. After a catastrophic event known as the Star-Pix Crisis, thousands of creatures from up above now roam the planet in search for safety, or blood. Their arrival has caused humans to develop various uncanny abilities. Ever since, the police became the AIA: Alien Investigative Agency. This nationwide alliance has discovered a new threat. It's called Pixaliemain: a space rock with the capabilities of producing wavelengths that alter alien minds. The result would be unleashing a wretched abomination, a plaguing curse that many of the creatures feared on their world. Eight years has passed and with five pieces of Pixaliemain on the planet, a legion of rogues wishes to find them and free the beast. Commander Cyfreid of the east sector knows only one way to stop them. With the help of his stunning companion, they recruit a group of fifteen extraordinary fighters. They have their differences, but must learn how to work together before it’s too late. In the epic fight for Pixaliemain, Master Defenders is a story that reminds us that, “As individuals we are nothing, but together we are powerful.”

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